Spray tan prep

24 hours before tan shower, shave and exfoliate with gloves ( sold at
rite aid or dollar store)
you may apply lotion if it is the night before tan but not the same day.

If you need to shower the day of the tan please do atleast 3 hours
before tan. The PH level in your skin is affected by a shower and you
won’t have as good of result.


What to wear during tan

-Woman can wear g-string, bathing suit, or nothing at all
-Men must have some sort of bottoms
-After your spray tan have loose clothing to put on, sweatpants, loose
shorts so your skin is not rubbing against tight clothing.

After Care

Rinse 6-8 hours after your tan is applied with warm water no soap,
your tan is still developing after this rinse.

24 hours after tan you can use soap or body wash that does not have
Sodium Laurel Sulfates, no dove or caress soap. try to buy Toms soap
or body wash we know that works well.

Pat skin dry when drying with a towel